Yellow Lines by James Davies

6cm X 6cm wooden box.

Contents: 14 cards with yellow lines drawn on them. 1 title card. 1 publishers card.

February 2020.

Edition of 14.



A Note on Yellow Lines by James Davies

Yellow Lines is a record and a product of me drawing yellow lines on pieces of paper and then putting them into a box. I’ve been doing this practice since 2006, on A4 paper. I fill up the box and then seal it. It’s a mantra. They contain magic. To draw the lines I use my hands. Yet the drawings are made in many ways, some of which are listed in my poem in the link below.

For this 8OX project I used a much smaller piece of paper and a yellow fine liner pen. I discovered during the process that I wanted to use a limited set of pieces of paper. 14, the sonnet number, seemed apt: 14 boxes each with 14 drawings, a sort of sonnet crown.

For more detailed discussion of the drawing processes of yellow lines see these videos:

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