Post Apocalyptic Poems is a podcast series which imagines that an unspecified event has taken place which forces people to take shelter in underground bunkers.

Along with food and other essentials you can also take 6 books of poetry with you. When you emerge from the bunker after 3 or 4 years these books will be the starting point from which you can help to rebuild culture.

You can also take one novel and one non fiction book.

What would you choose?

Episodes can be found here:

  1. James Davies – https://soundcloud.com/crystalset/post-apocalyptic-poems-ep-1-james-davies
  2. Marcus Slease – https://soundcloud.com/crystalset/post-apocalyptic-poems-ep-2-marcus-slease
  3. Lucy Harvest Clarke – https://soundcloud.com/crystalset/post-apocalyptic-poems-ep-3-lucy-harvest-clarke-hosted-by-james-davies
  4. Nic Stringer – https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/657776245
  5. Tom Jenks https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/670702479