Books / Democratic Multiples / Artwork

Roman Britain 8OX 2023

Virgils Aeniad80X 2023

Works in Pencil (ongoing project) 80X 2023

Overwrites (ongoing project) 80X 2023

The History of Tacitus 80X 2022

Afterlives 80X 2022

A Box of Ideas Timglaset 2022

A bird the sea a river and a tree HALAS Press 2022

Cover Ups If P Then Q 2022


Pett Level Deaths of Workers… 2022

Dungeness Guillemot Press 2021

Landlines Pamenar Press 2020

Ghosts 80X 2020

Mirrorerror 80X 2020

Full Stop 80X 2020

Encolures 80X 2020

Milton 80X 2020

Endless Sleep 80X 2020

A Piece If P Then Q 2019

WHO? The Literary Pocket Book 2019

Invisible Poems ZimZalla 2018

Homeopoetry 50 Books, 50 Vials of Pills, One Box 80X 2018

Poetry Wholes 2nd Edition If P Then Q 2017

The Journal of Baal Veer 2017

Remains Limited edition set of 10 vials in a box containing the remains

of 10 destroyed poems 80X 2016

Breath Limited edition set of 5 vials containing the breath of 5 poets 80X 2016

The Making of the English Working Class 80X 2016

Translation of Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge 80X 2015

Family Portraits If P Then Q 2015

Comfortable Knives KFS 2014

Poetry Wholes 1st Edtion IF P Then Q 2014

All My Pornography The Red Ceilings 2013

Albion Like This Press 2013

Pharmacopoetics Apple Pie Editions 2013

Telegraphic Transcriptions 2nd Edition Stranger Press 2012

No Ideas But In Things (with Chris Stephenson) Dark Windows Press 2012

The Last Ward Very Small Kitchen 2012

A Never Ending Poem… ZimZalla 2011

Telegraphic Transcriptions Department Press 2011

Poems Found At The Scene Of A Murder ZimZalla 2010

X The Arthur Shilling Press 2009


Living with Other People 2023

Thi Wurd 2022

Writing Utopia 2020

Dub Anthology 2019

The Caught Habits of Language 2018

Prescriptions 2018

The Poetry Almanac 2016

The Dark Would 2014

Dear World And Everyone In It 2013

Kakania 2013

Maintenant 2 2013

Partial list of magazine publications




Junction Box


Adjacent Pineapple


Poetry Wales

A Bad Penny Review

Word for Word

Small Portions


Great Works


Long Poem Magazine



Sensational Books at The Bodleian Library 2022

Poetry Games at the South Bank Centre 2022

Temporary Spaces at The Poetry Cafe 2020

Double Six an exhibition of board games at Kingston Museum 2019

Concrete & Visual Poetry (Leeds) 2019

Rye Winter Salon (Rye) 2018

Conceptual Poetics (The Poetry Library) 2017

Prescriptions (Canterbury) 2016

Luz (Puerto Rico) 2015

Light (Welcome Collection) 2015

Random Access Tape (Portland, Oregon) 2015

Total Recall (Bury Art Museum) 2015

Leeds International Book Fair 2014

Illuminations (London) 2014

The Dark Would (Edinburgh) 2014

ZimZalla (The Hardy Tree, London) 2013